Making Camping More Enjoyable

Restoring An Old Camping Trailer

If you're someone who loves the idea of camping but not so much the idea of sleeping on the ground, then trailer camping might be just the thing for you. You'll have all the fun of the great outdoors -- the campfire cooking, the hiking, the fresh air -- but when it's time to turn in for the night, you won't have tent worries like a rock digging into your back all night or a woodland creature trying to share your sleeping bag.

New trailers aren't cheap, so if you want to try trailer camping without decimating your retirement income, try checking out trailer dealers, like Camping World of Ocala, in search of a vintage one. Once you get your hands on a good one, you'll be able to get down to the fun of restoring and personalizing it.

Choose the Right Trailer

Before you buy a new trailer, make sure it's worth all the work you're about to put into it. Don't purchase a trailer without checking for working original parts. You'll start spending a lot of money if you have to hunt down hard-to-find old trailer parts. Also avoid trailers that have a lot of rust damage or mold and mildew problems.

Evaluate Your Trailer

After you've purchased your trailer, make a plan before slapping some new paint it. Evaluate its interior and exterior and determine which parts need to be replaced and which can be repaired or restored. Then make a budget and stick to it as you start to purchase new parts and repair the old ones.

Clean Your Trailer

Before you get to all the fun of decorating, give your trailer a thorough cleaning. Use mild cleaning solutions to clear out all of the dirt. It's a good idea to house your trailer in a safe spot as you clean and restore it. This isn't a one-day project and you wouldn't want a thief making off with some benches you've detached so you can clean them outside.

Make an Inside and Outside Plan

Once your trailer is clean and in good working order with all broken parts repaired or replaced, it's time to plan the decorating. Come up with a style you want for your trailer. Do you want to glam it up? Do you prefer the Dolly Parton country style? Maybe you want your camp trailer to be campy. Whatever style you choose, have a clear idea of what that style is and then adhere to it. Camping trailers are too small to support a mish-mash of styles. Pick a scheme with three or four colors, paint the outside, and decorate the interior with all the stuff that makes you happy. Now go enjoy the outdoors!

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Making Camping More Enjoyable

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