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Camping Keychains: Three Fun Tools For Children To Use

During their everyday lives, children may often be seen carrying a phone, tablet, or some type of gaming device around. When going on a camping trip, one of the best advantages is getting your child away from the electronics for a little while and allowing them to explore nature. Instead of completely cutting off your child and making them go cold turkey, you can still provide them with an interactive tool that caters more to the outdoors than the world of electronics. The next time you plan a family camping trip, consider purchasing one of the following camping keychains. Each one can serve a variety of uses and allows your child to learn and have fun while exploring the great outdoors.

Captain Compass

One of the earliest forms of GPS was the basic compass. These magnetized tools are fun to follow and can always allow a child to understand what direction they are going in. A Captain Compass keychain is a small compass that features a clip attachment ideal for belt loops, backpacks, or other keychains. The compass features a metal case that is rugged and makes it easy to use in all types of outdoor situations. The compass design has classic features and makes it easy to read while exploring through nature. Children can come up with a variety of adventures and games while hiking and exploring the camping area.

Multi-function Carabiner Keychain

A carabiner clip can be used to hold all sorts of items and accessories while on a camping trip. When purchasing one of these clips, you can find designs with multiple tools built into them. Children will enjoy finding different ways to use these clips while camping. For example, the clips may contain bottle openers, screwdrivers, and even small pairs of pliers. It's ideal for playing in the woods, setting up camp items, and just exploring in general.

Flashlight Keychains

Children can explore the dark forest, tell ghost stories, and make their way around with a variety of flashlight keychains. When shopping for flashlight keychains, you want to find a unique design that your child can have fun with. For example, you can purchase a small keychain flashlight that features different colored bulb options. You could also purchase a custom keychain that features your child's name on it. This is a fun little gift that can help get your child excited for the camping trip.

You can surprise your child with these gifts or have them help you pick out different supplies and accessories to use on the trip.

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