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Planning For An Emergency? 2 Simple Ways To Prepare An Emergency Toilet

You never know when a disaster is going to happen. That's why it's so important that you prepare in advance. Part of that preparation includes emergency sanitation. If you haven't planned for your emergency toilet, you need to. You and your family are going to need someplace safe and sanitary to relieve yourselves if the toilet in your home isn't functioning. Here are two simple ways to prepare for emergency sanitation.

Extend the Use of Your Own Toilet

If your toilet is no longer functioning, but it's still in one piece, you can turn it into an emergency toilet with just a few supplies. The first thing you'll need to do is drain the water from the toilet bowl. You can do this by turning the water valve off – which is located on the wall behind the toilet. Once the water is turned off, flush the toilet one last time to remove as much of the water as possible, and then use a cup to remove the rest.

Next, open up a black, heavy-duty trash bag and place it in the toilet bowl. Secure it to the sides using duct tape. Place about a cup of kitty litter in the bottom of the bag. The kitty litter will help absorb odors. Your family can now use the toilet inside your home to relieve themselves. To discard the waste, simply remove the bag from the toilet, secure it with duct tape and place it in a large trash can until services are restored. Be sure to place a new bag inside the toilet.

Create Your Own Toilet

If your toilet has been damaged, you can create your own emergency toilet using a 5-gallon bucket. Place a trash bag inside the bucket and secure it to the sides using duct tape. Next remove the toilet seat from your damaged toilet and set it on top of the bucket. Finally, place a cup of kitty litter inside the bag. Replace the bag as needed.

It's important to note that you can also use a foam swim noodle to create a padded seat for your emergency toilet. Cut about 9" off the end of your foam noodle. Use a sharp knife to cut a slit in the noodle from end-to-end. Attach the noodle to the bucket by pressing the slit side down on to the edges of the bucket. You can now sit on the noodle to use the emergency toilet. One of the benefits of this homemade emergency toilet is that you can pack the supplies inside the bucket and carry it in your car. This will ensure that you're prepared for emergency sanitation if you're on the road. 

Now that you're preparing for the next big emergency, make sure you have the supplies on hand to take care of your sanitation needs. The tips provided here will help you provide an emergency toilet for you and your family. For more information on emergency preparedness toilets, contact a company like Blackpine Sports.

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