Making Camping More Enjoyable

Three Ways To Help Your Kids Build Character

If you're like many parents, you want to provide your children with activities and experiences that will build character as well as become cherished memories later on in life. Naturally, you probably spend time talking with your children about what constitutes good character, but kids need to have opportunities to engage in character-building activities as well. Following are just three of the ways that you can help your children grow into responsible adults while still allowing them to have fun as a child: Read More 

Planning For An Emergency? 2 Simple Ways To Prepare An Emergency Toilet

You never know when a disaster is going to happen. That's why it's so important that you prepare in advance. Part of that preparation includes emergency sanitation. If you haven't planned for your emergency toilet, you need to. You and your family are going to need someplace safe and sanitary to relieve yourselves if the toilet in your home isn't functioning. Here are two simple ways to prepare for emergency sanitation. Read More 

Camping Keychains: Three Fun Tools For Children To Use

During their everyday lives, children may often be seen carrying a phone, tablet, or some type of gaming device around. When going on a camping trip, one of the best advantages is getting your child away from the electronics for a little while and allowing them to explore nature. Instead of completely cutting off your child and making them go cold turkey, you can still provide them with an interactive tool that caters more to the outdoors than the world of electronics. Read More 

Whitewater River Rafting Safety For Beginning Seniors

This may surprise you, but it's never too late to start whitewater rafting! Seniors who follow proper safety procedures and make smart choices while river rafting can enjoy their adventure just as much as younger people. These tips will help you stay safe as a senior taking your first trip whitewater rafting. Wear a Properly Fitted Life Jacket You may have been swimming for decades, but life jackets are still a necessity during whitewater rafting trips. Read More 

Restoring An Old Camping Trailer

If you're someone who loves the idea of camping but not so much the idea of sleeping on the ground, then trailer camping might be just the thing for you. You'll have all the fun of the great outdoors -- the campfire cooking, the hiking, the fresh air -- but when it's time to turn in for the night, you won't have tent worries like a rock digging into your back all night or a woodland creature trying to share your sleeping bag. Read More 

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Making Camping More Enjoyable

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