Making Camping More Enjoyable

Three Ways To Help Your Kids Build Character

If you're like many parents, you want to provide your children with activities and experiences that will build character as well as become cherished memories later on in life. Naturally, you probably spend time talking with your children about what constitutes good character, but kids need to have opportunities to engage in character-building activities as well. Following are just three of the ways that you can help your children grow into responsible adults while still allowing them to have fun as a child: Read More 

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Making Camping More Enjoyable

Last summer, my husband convinced me that it would be fun to go camping. Against my better judgement, I agreed to go. Unfortunately, the entire experience was a nightmare. We ended up running out of food and dealing with an uncomfortable campsite, and it was really frustrating. After having that experience, I decided to learn more about camping to make my next experience more enjoyable. It worked, and I quickly realized that camping wasn't all that bad after all. This blog is all about learning how to troubleshoot common camping problems, so that your family can enjoy a great adventure.